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By capturing the talent, energy and expertise of people 50+, Coming of Age can help your community or organization connect to people over 50 who are ready to make a difference.

Attention nonprofits: take advantage of Coming of Age workshops and training to build your capacity and accomplish your mission!  Capture the energy and expertise of people 50+ to meet your organization’s goals … Click here.

People 50+ want to make a big difference. .. and Coming of Age’s advocacy and volunteer leadership trainings empowers volunteers to step up and contribute in a meaningful way…. Click here.
Help people 50+ explore their possibilities, learn from each other, and share their dreams and ideas for their next chapters… Coming of Age has some great ways to get your organization started.
Join the movement! Coming of Age is replicating throughout the country, helping communities harness one of their most valuable resources: people age 50+. Learn how to bring the initiative to your community…