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More on Positive Aging: Forget Your Troubles, Come on, Get Happy!

        Yet one more benefit for a sunny outlook—it’s likely to help with mobility.  Sour pusses beware: you’re also likely to die before your more ebullient peers.
        A new study doesn’t prove that happiness preserves mobility. "The research suggests that enjoyment of life contributes to healthier and more active old age," said study author Andrew Steptoe, Director of the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care at University College London.
        "We have previously shown that positive well-being and enjoyment of life are predictors of longer life," Steptoe said. "Older people who report greater enjoyment are less likely to die over the next five to eight years than those with lower enjoyment of life."
       Rock on! (But not in a chair.)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside; Got a Cold? Turn DOWN the Thermostat!

Topics: Aging, Boomers, Health

        It’s cold outside. So what? Members of the Over the Hill skiing group (shown here), made up of people age 50+, and their counterparts, now dominate the slopes. With their new hips and costly kit, Baby Boomers have propped up America’s ski resorts for longer than anyone expected.
        What's that? You have a cold? Maybe it’s the flu. Just how long your flu shot lasts depends on how powerfully your own immune system reacts to it, according to Dr. John J. Treanor, a vaccine expert at the University of Rochester medical school.

Working for Free Actually Can Help You Get a Job

     VolunteerMatch is kicking off the New Year with a special webinar and inviting volunteers to take part! 
     It turns out that working for free actually can help you get a job.
     Recent research shows a definite link between volunteering and employment.
     Join VolunteerMatch's President, Greg Baldwin and others for a special, free joint webinar with LinkedIn, the Corporation for National and Community Service and Deloitte as they discuss recent studies supporting the connection between volunteering and employment.
     Register here for the free Wednesday, January 15 event.

Note to Self for Today: Eat an Apple. Or a Cumquat. Or a Prune. And... use Soap.

     Well, we’ve known it all along, but now it’s official: an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.
     According to Dr. Adam Briggs at Oxford University, if everyone in the UK over the age of 50 ate an apple every day, 8,500 deaths from heart attack and stroke would be avoided. The US population is almost five times the UK's (Do the math).
     Remember when Ella Fitzgerald sang--or your father told you she sang, "Eat an apple every day then see the doctor anyway."  Earth to Ella: there's been an update:
     Any fruit, actually, gives a boost to cardiovascular health similar to that provided by statins, but with none of the side effects.
     How do you like them apples now?!
     And... antibacterial soaps may be… bad! The FDA announced that it wants the makers of antibacterial soaps to prove not just that the products are more effective than ordinary soap but also that they are safe.

Attention Must be Paid... to Purpose!

     Mitch Anthony believes that the key to “successful” aging lies in maintaining an engaged life and employing what he calls the 5Cs: Connectivity, Challenge, Curiosity, Creativity and Charity.
     The articles that we read all agreed on one point – involvement in some type of philanthropic activity is an integral part of successful aging.  
     Need a little inspiration to help determine where your passion lies? The 7 winners (all age 60 plus) of the 2013 Purpose Prize, awarded by Coming of Age partner, should fill the bill. (We made the trek to the awards ceremony in Sausalito last month to fête the recipients.)
     Pictured here, Purpose Prize Winner Ysabel Duron, 66,  a dynamo who tapped into her own experience as a cancer survivor to shine a spotlight on cancer for Latino communities across the country.

A Different Take on Resolutions: Develop New Habits

New Year's Day now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
  ---- Mark Twain
     Resolutions anyone? Have you made and already broken the standard weight-loss/quit-smoking/cut-back-on-the-booze ones?
     In the last two weeks or so, we came across some terrific articles online that offer suggestions appropriate to our age and mindsets. While a few of these articles refer to resolutions, others suggest we think more in terms of developing new habits rather than keeping resolutions.  
     Joe Hearn, writer and Vice President of Teckmeyer Financial, suggests in 8 Habits of Highly Effective Retirees, that we should practice these new behaviors daily, just as a writer or musician practices daily.

Become a Sip and Swipe Café Coach!

     What’s a Sip and Swipe Café?  A place where older adults are taught computer skills (e.g., swiping) in a warm (coffee-drinking) venue.
     As a Sip and Swipe Café Coach, you'll help an older adult learn to use an iPad as they follow the simple, on screen tutorial provided by Coming of Age partner Generations on Line (GoL). The program offers step-by-step instructions to people over age 60 who have never used a computer or tablet before. 
     Philadelphia’s first group of coaches will get going this winter with older adults at the Philadelphia Senior Center, 509 South Broad St.: Philadelphia, Klein JCC, 10100 Jamison Ave. (off Red Lion Road in NE Philadelphia); and Journey's Way Senior Center, 403 Rector St. at Pechin St. in Roxborough.
     Click Continue Reading to learn more.  Email to let us know if you are interested or have questions.

Is It Time to Have “That Talk” with Your Family? The One about Money

While many of us bemoan the economy and its effect on our retirement savings, little public discussion seems to be taking place regarding an equally difficult financial phenomenon unique to our generation: providing financial help to family members. Many people age 50+ find themselves sandwiched into providing some sort of financial support to both their parents and adult children just starting out and not quite able to meet car, mortgage and/or college loan payments. 

Job Seekers Over 50—Help Is On the Way!

Finding a job after age 50 can be a disheartening and difficult proposition. Not only has the process changed completely since the last job search for many of us, we’re also finding that potential employers often greet us with anything but open arms. The message can be “You’re not what we want - you’re too….mature.” Fortunately those sentiments aren’t shared by all employers. Coming of Age has found several websites with good, solid suggestions for older job seekers and connections to organizations that welcome people age 50+. Click “Continue Reading” to see the list.


Try the Trail, Train, or other Travel Options (Including One Just for Singles)

Topics: Leisure, Travel

Attention People 50! Want to up the excitement factor in your next vacation? Check out the following sites to wake up your inner explorer. Road Scholar, formerly Elderhostel, offers a rich array of opportunities at reasonable rates from A Very Richmond Christmas, 4 days, 3 nights for $545 to Road Scholar World Academy 2014: Eastern Odyssey, 81 days, 80 nights for $19,996. All prices are per person, double occupancy and include accommodations, most meals, lectures, field trips, and air fare, if applicable, for flights during the trip.