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Four Ways to Explore Your Future NOW
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You Don’t Have to be in Philadelphia to Benefit from Coming of Age

Our network of community initiatives and strategic partners (organizations that present Coming of Age programs) is growing. Earlier this summer we announced that there would soon be a Coming of Age Tampa Bay. We’re also setting up shop in Anne Arundel County, MD; and training trainers for our Explore Your Future workshop series throughout Illinois. A little closer to home (as in the state of Pennsylvania), we’re going to be working with Area Agencies on Aging (the counterparts to the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging that are in each Pennsylvania county) to help them do more by forming dynamic community collaborations.

Be Inspired by Fellow Philadelphians!

See and hear inspiring stories about local folks who are living transformative lives after 50, learning new things, having real impact on the community, and more. Check out the Coming of Age Stories, produced by Coming of Age partner WHYY. here. There are 70 of them!

Needed: A Few (More) Good Men (in Philadelphia)

Want to join our next Encore Men’s Group? “What IS an Encore Men’s Group,” you ask. If you’re male, between middle age and true old age, then you’re in your "encore stage.” Working? Retired? Doesn’t matter. Our first group, which is now oversubscribed, has been meeting this spring and summer. We’re looking for 4 more men so we will have a dozen for our second group. What will you do? Get together to talk about whatever feels right--sports, kids, grandkids, work, dreams, doubts-- all based on the notion that you’re in a new stage of life that really didn’t exist before. Click here and fill out this short form. We’ll get back to you as soon we have 12 (hopefully not angry) men.

Work at a Philadelphia-area Nonprofit and Missed Last Spring’s Learning Lab?

The Philadelphia Foundation-underwritten “Capturing the Energy and Expertise of People Age 50+” Learning Lab was so successful last spring, the foundation is sponsoring a return engagement of this 2-day workshop. Learn who people 50+ are today, what motivates them, how to craft an opportunity that marries their passions, talents, and skills to your mission, and more! Email us at, put “Learning Lab” in the subject line and we’ll be in touch as soon as we have the dates, time, and place.

Coming This Fall… to Philadelphia!

Want to know when the next Coming of Age Explore Your Future four session workshop series will be held in Philadelphia? Email us at, put “Explore Your Future” in the subject line and we’ll be in touch as soon as the next series is scheduled. This program will give you a unique opportunity to consider "what's next" in your life-- a hands-on learning experience that focuses on helping you create a vision for making your future satisfying and rewarding.

Reasons to Do It Early

Collect Social Cecurity, that is. It' a good idea to go against conventional wisdom and start collecting early under certain circumstances, advises the U. S. News and World Report. On the other hand, maybe you did start collecting early and now regret it. Kiplinger offer “4 Ways Early Claimers Can Boost Social Security Benefits,” including withdrawing then repaying. We find it amazing that a challenging (to say the least) economy, the growing number of traditional retirement age people, and people who are getting to that traditional age and not retiring are making for a whole new set of rules and “ways to play the game.”

Back to the Commune? Share a Pad with Blanche and Rose?

Om, former hippies and others!  A recent report estimates that 16 MILLION older adult households will move in the next decade. Boomers, especially singles, are creating new options for retirement living more in line with smaller-than-anticipated retirement nest eggs. Some from the Woodstock generation are even trekking to and settling up house at high-end retirement communes. While the stalled housing market has increased the number of us “aging in place,” this trend may soon change as existing home sales are on the rise. On a smaller scale, house sharing à la "The golden Girls," i.e., moving in with one or two unrelated others, is catching on.

Love and Marriage and… All Out War!

“Love is a Battlefield” crooned boomer Pat Benetar.  Well, maybe. But as we age, many of us withdraw from direct conflict and employ another strategy: changing the subject. So says a recently released San Francisco State University study.  Feeling amorous instead of combative and planning to tie the knot again? Here’s what you need to know before co-mingling your assets. BTW, without intervention, divorce rates look like this: First marriage: 50% end in divorce. 2nd marriage: 64% do. Third: 74%.  A few words to the wise who are planning on "goin' to the chapel."

Oh, Sleep It is a Gentle Thing!

So wrote poet and opium aficionado Samuel Taylor Coleridge in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” To which we add, “Ain’t that the truth?!” (About sleep; we’ll pass on the opium.) Among the most pleasurable things in life is a good night’s rest, no? Yet many of us, because we’re too busy or have trouble letting go of the day, often are sleep deprived. Scientists agree that getting enough shut-eye is linked to our health. Both mental and physical problems from aging skin and weight gain to heart disease and cancer are associated with sleep deprivation. The good news is that there are a number of ways to shut down your brain without medication.

What do Men Want? What Are They Afraid to Ask?

"What do women want?" Freud famously asked Marie Bonaparte. We’ll leave that one for another time. But we do have some new info on the gander side: men want to be responsive and provide caregiving because they need to. In 2009, according to a National Alliance for Caregiving/AARP study, men accounted for 34% of the nearly 65 million family caregivers in the U.S. But more recent surveys show the number of men in this traditionally female role has risen rapidly. Forbes magazine has the details.  Men also want the skinny on “Low T,” bombarded as they are these days with ads for testosterone supplements, but many are shy about asking. The Washington Post has those answers.