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Topic: Social Networking

ElderChicks: Comments from "Life Masters"


When you read the new blog,, the words "feisty", "funny", "smart", and "creative" will immediately come to mind to describe the women who are sharing their ideas and experiences. Created by two septuagenarians, this blog is a "virtual community of women living full lives and adapting to the rapid changes in the world, well past the time their parents would have imagined." Check it out... and join the conversation.

Virtual Friends, Real Connections

The computer is playing a more important role for older adults than just finding bargains or paying bills. Social networking has become a lifesaver... and a lifeline... for the many people who live alone and are looking for new connections, new friends, and a new sense of purpose.

What's Next in Your Life?

Think online social networking tools like Facebook are only for your children's generation?  Think again.