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Topic: Prevention

Brittle Bones Need Exercise

As women (and an increasing number of men!) reach their late fifties, many are encouraged to check their bone health to see if there is any sign of osteoporosis (loss of bone density). While exercising may sound like a bad idea if you have this condition, the opposite is true. Starting an exercise program will increase your muscle strength, improve your balance and help you avoid falls — and it may keep your bones from getting weaker. This article from the Mayo Clinic provides some helpful guidelines...

E-mailing Promotes Good Health

While using the computer may be a sedentary pursuit, receiving e-mails that urge you to eat more healthfully or get more exercise can significantly improve your health habits according to a study reported in the June issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Participants in this worksite program walked more, ate more fruits and vegetables, and consumed less saturated and transfats. A key ingredient was having on-site support from fellow workers. To learn how to find an online program, read more.

Are Vitamins Needed After 50?

The messages in this article are that it is better to get our vitamins from foods rather than a bottle, more is NOT better and some vitamins can actually be harmful. It is also important to know that certain medications can affect the body’s ability to absorb or utilize vitamins (or minerals). To make sure you are getting what you need to stay healthy, the author has provided a listing of 13 essential vitamins and the foods that are rich in each.