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Topic: News

Why Some People Remember Everything

Topics: News, Research, memory

A study of a number of people with extraordinary autobiographical memories--the ability to remember where they sat at a baseball game twenty years ago! --seems to be tied to their having some obsessive-compulsive tendencies. The brain area, the caudate, known to be involved in obsessive-compulsive disorder is larger than normal in these folks... and may be related to having the constant, repetitive and precise replay of past events. Further research on these individuals will reveal how their phenomenal memories work, and perhaps how ordinary memory works as well.

Free Ride to Get Your Photo ID

People 60+ can receive FREE transportation to a PennDot center to obtain a photo ID for voting through the services of TransMercy Ambulance. Individuals needing transportation can arrange to be picked up by a van from a residence or care facility anywhere in Philadelphia. To schedule an appointment, call (215) 464-7775, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. Photo IDs will be required for the upcoming elections, so don't pass up this generous opportunity.


Who Can Solve Boomer Issues? Boomers

This article poses the question: How can boomers, who are reaching 65 at the rate of 8,000 per day, help solve the problem of affordable housing for the ever increasing number of older adults that will make up 20% of the population by 2030? The question is really, how will boomers help themselves reach old age with the possibility of high quality, publicly-financed housing available? Boomers have political power (through sheer numbers), wealth, and a good reason to work toward that goal for the millions who won't be able to afford assisted living and other high-end options. Keep reading to learn about why this might be a good idea...sluggish economy and all. 

Taking Action on Ageism

Topics: News, Ageism, Boomers

Young is good, old is bad. That is the message that surrounds us in all kinds of media, conversations, at the workplace...even in our birthday cards! This article strongly offers some proactive ways of dealing with anti-aging messages that are destructive to boomers' psyches and can have dangerous social, political, and economic ramifications. Where to begin? Read the five flags outlined by the author and then gather a group who are determined to change the ageist mindset that surrounds us. Perhaps you will want to create a Fierce with Age Consciousness Group and start by proclaiming "old is good!"

Who Are You Calling Elderly?

Topics: News, Ageism, Aging

What should we call people age 65 and older? Are they “seniors,” "older adults," "the elderly?"  The author of this article "unscientifically" interviewed professionals in the "aging" field to help clarify the word(s) to describe people of a certain age. Among those queried are Harry (Rick) Moody, 67, director of academic affairs for AARP, Jane Glen Haas, 74, nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist, and Dr. John Rowe, 67, chairman of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society. To weigh in on this touchy topic, check out the Philadelphia-based blog, Elder Chicks

Win the "Best Exotic Marigold" Contest!

Topics: News

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – starring Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkerson and Dev Patel (star of Slumdog Millionaire) – is about adventure, love and purpose in the encore years. If you love to laugh and travel – and are wondering what’s next in your life – you’re in for a treat. And you could be in for a prize, too… if you enter the Marigold Ideas for Good Contest. The contest is for people over 50 who have great ideas for doing something to improve the quality of life in their communities.Thirty people will win $5,000 each and six will win the trip of a lifetime. Find out more and enter here.


Social Security to Pay for Student Loans?

Somehow the idea of paying student loans with your Social Security check doesn't seem right. But, new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows that Americans 60 and older have school debts in the range of $36 billion. So it is not uncommon for Social Security checks to be garnished or for debt collectors to harass borrowers in their 80s. Some of the debt is decades old from their college days; others are paying off more recent courses taken to learn new skills. To learn more, click here.

Take Advantage of Government Benefits

The National Council on Aging and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging are kicking off a campaign to encourage older people to take advantage of programs for which they are entitled, but were not aware existed. This includes reduced-cost drugs, food stamps, home care aides, transportation programs, help with heating bills, and subsidies that will lower Medicare premiums. A sample of those who have gone to the BenefitsCheckUp website since 2010 shows that more than 70% were eligible for at least one benefit that they were not receiving. 

Aging Prisoners: A Growing Problem

The number of Americans in prison older than 55 is growing faster than the group’s share of the population at large, and older prisoners are nine times more expensive to care for than younger inmates according to Human Rights Watch.  Prison officials are scrambling to respond to the needs and vulnerabilities of older prisoners. They are constrained, however, by tightened budgets, prison architecture that is  not designed for common age-related disabilities,  and limited medical facilities and staff. This article makes the case for restructuring the prison system for older inmates.

World Class Philadelphia

You may remember that the The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia asked area citizens to submit videos of their vision of the region's future based on their 2026: Future Histories of Greater Philadelphia report. Four winners have been chosen and the ideas presented will play a role in the ongoing discussions of how to make Greater Philadelphia a world class place to live, work, and play by 2026. The  Best of Show is a short film called "The Journey" that tells the story of two people meeting in a Global Village future with iconic images of this region woven into the story. To see this and the other winning entries, click here.